Schick Moving Company - Allied/Schick Moving & Storage in Tustin, Ca Scam

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This is an awful company. We just moved from placentia to Washington and one of our boxes full of DVD's collector editions worth a lot of money went missing, we didnt realize it until 3 days later. We put a claim in and they denied it because I had signed that we recieved everything but it was impossible for me to track inventory when 4 different guys were taking the boxes off the truck including the guy who was supposed to be taking inventory. The driver told me he was exhausted because he had to bust *** to drive up here because the shipment he was supposed to get after ours was delayed so he only had a day to get to washington. He was supposed to have given me an inventory list before they started unloading but he didnt so my husband did the best he could to do their job...he asked the movers where his dvd box was and they just kept saying its here its here. Finally at the end i was presented with two things to sign, one which was the inventory list he was supposed to have given me at the beginning which he apparently filled out himself and told me it was HIS inventory list so I signed it besides what was i going to do after the fact, make them sit there for 3 more hours while i tracked down every box? I was sympathetic to the driver and even gave him 40$ tip. Well now they denied our claim because i signed that CUSTOMER inventory list saying that i had everything......I didnt even realize what it was until after the box was missing. Now they say the are not responsible, the box went on their truck and didnt come off....thats what i know, and on top of that i paid an extra 500 for insurance...... they screwed us and they will *** too.

The drivers name was Jamie( spanish pronounciation)had very bad english, and he hired day laborers that had nothing to do with the company.

Im disgusted and appalled by their "investigation" of the whole issue and Allied should be held responsible as well as "Schick"

Its to bad too, depending on how this move went, my father who is president of a large company along the west coast & who relocates people all the time, was going to use this company to do his relocating.....Big money for them .....not anymore they just lost a Huge contract not just for loosing our stuff but for not taking accountability for it.

They are probably going to have this comment erased so not to tarnish their reputation thats how corruption works. Thats ok because we are going to keep reposting everywhere every week.

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